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Wire EDM Services

High-end Cutting with Wire EDM

At A.R. Machining, our state-of-the-art precision wire EDM machines allow us to provide high-end cutting services. Wire EDM machines came into commercial prominence in the 1960s, and since then have been continually refined. Modern machines incorporate CNC controls and built-in sensing and intelligence. It is an ideal process for a variety of metal and alloy grades.

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Ideal Metals and Alloy Grades for Wire EDM

  • 1018 Steel
  • 1026 Steel
  • 1045 Steel
  • 4140 Steel
  • 4145 Steel
  • 4130 Steel
  • 4330 Steel
  • 4340 Steel
  • Magnesium
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The Process

The process is also sometimes called spark machining, spark eroding, burning, die sinking, wire burning or wire erosion. Fundamentally, the desired shape is achieved by using electrical discharges. To do this, a series of rapidly recurring current discharges pass between two electrodes separated by a dielectric liquid to cut material away from the workpiece.

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The Advantages of Wire EDM

  • Hard Materials can be Machined
  • Small Parts can be Machined
  • Creates Sharp Internal Corners
  • No Cutting Force
  • No Special Purpose Tooling Needed
  • Higher Material Utilization
  • Removed Constraints on the Design Imposed by Conventional Metal Removal

A.R. Machining prides itself on being a turnkey provider.  Parts often require several operations from an assortment of machines.  Because of this, it can be difficult to work with multiple companies to get a finished product.  Our ability to perform all of these operation in-house allows us to provide our clients with an easy, streamlined process.

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